What are clans? Clans are groups of people (usualy friends) Who play together and have made a clan to bond. But no, clans are not only here to bond. Upon entering a clan you will receive a clan win/loose/draw ratio and a clan kills/deaths/assists ratio under your normal win/loose/draw and kills/deaths/assists ratios in a clan info section on your profile in-game. This will keep track of all the clan matches you've played and is reset by rejoining the clan or joining a new clan. The more clanmatches you and your clan wins, the better your clan-rank will get. 

What is a Clan Match?

What is a clan match you say? A clan match is where 2 clans compete against each other for victory! Most clan matches will be a 4 versus 4 Elimination match. Your stats will be recorded and will be saved in your clan info section.  

How to create a clan?

Creating a  clan is very simple all you have to do is go to the MicroVolts Surge website and log-in your account. After you have done that, click on Club House tab.A little list will show, click on Clans.On your left you will see a button called Create Clan, (notice: you have to be level 9 or higher to create a clan and you need 5,000 MP), click on the button then a page will show up. Follow the instructions on that page carefuly and you should be done. 

How to join a clan?

Joining a clan is even more simple than creating one. All you have to do is go to the MicroVolts Surge website and log-in your account, after you have done that, click on Club House tab, a little list will show, click on Clans. Now that you are on the clans page, you can search for a clan or enlist a clan from the top 100 clans by clicking the enlist button.All you have to do now is to wait for the leader of the clan to accept you or decline you. Still don't get it? click here to go to SnowFall's thread on joining a clan for further assistance.

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