The Coupon Shop was first introduced with the Knights of the Night update. You can win Coupons by spinning the capsule machine for 990 Rock Tokens (Or less if there is a sale), getting them from single wave box (hard), Monthly Rewards, and Mystery Capsules.

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How to get Coupons:

- Spin the RT Capsule Machine (Easiest way to achive them)

- Spin the MP Capsule Machine (Hardest way to achieve them)

- Single Wave box (hard)

-Weekly rewards

-Mystery Capsules

-Silver and gold lucky box (lucky spin in the Capsule Machine)

What Are Coupons Used for?:

The Coupon that you are able to earn can be spent in the Coupon Shop. To get there you have to go to the Shop key, and once you press on that there should be a tab saying Coupon Shop in the upper left hand corner of the shop. Click on it and it will take you there to see your choices. 

What Can You Redeem?

You are able to redeem an elite group of weapons here, that are reffered to as 'God Tier' along with thier counter part out fit. You are also allowed to buy many other unique weapons that you aren´t allowed to find anywhere else. 

There has been much controversy over why the 'God' Wepons are so much stronger if this is a Free-to-Play game.

God sets are also avaible at the coupon shop. These set´s can be bought using coupons or spinning in the rock tokens caspule.

Naomi and Kai Coupon parts were added in the Coupon Shop recently. They can be obtained from the Capsule Machine too 

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