Known Abilities

Game Masters have many abilities but the known ones are:

  • GMs write in olive (greenish-yellow) color in the chat.
  • GMs have a [GM] sign before their names.
  • GMs can spawn any item they want in the game.
  • GMs can add any title they want on the forum.
  • GMs can ban anyone for a certain time or permanently.
  • GMs can change their level to anything they want.

Current Game Masters

  • [GM]Fructus (Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. representative Officer, Community Manager) (Active)
  • [GM]micheal (Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. representative Officer, Support Manager, Events Team) (Active)
  • [GM]mark (Customer Support) (Active)

Retired Game Masters

  • [GM]AK (Retired)
  • [GM]IceCapp (Retired)
  • [GM]breadnbutter (Retired)
  • [GM]MT (Retired)
  • [GM]Jack (Retired)
  • [GM]TR (Retired)
  • [GM]Bili (Retired)
  • [GM]mark (Retired)
  • [GM]per (Retired)
  • [GM]Schulan (profile deleted) (Retired)
  • [GM]Cara (profile deleted) (Retired)
  • [GM]Ivy (Retired)
  • [GM]gennifer (Retired)
  • [GM]Black (Retired)
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