Gatling Guns

Gatling gun
Gatling Guns 
take some time to warm up, but when they do... your enemies better get out of the way. Multiple rotating barrels will eliminate multiple targets at once. Remember to show no mercy as you will be heavily weighed down, and vulnerable to quicker opponents.
MicroVolts Weapons Video Gatling Gun

MicroVolts Weapons Video Gatling Gun

The advantages and disadvantages of this weapon


  • High damage from close range.
  • Screen of the opponent you are hitting starts to shake a bit which makes it harder for him to aim.
  • Can be used while jumping or jumping off things.


  • Walking slower while shooting.
  • More vulnerable for snipers.
  • Low damage from high distance.
  • Overheats fast 

All current released Gatling Guns with statistics!

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