Simon is the 6th playable character in Microvolts Surge


A former secret agent who went missing during a mission, and tough to be destroyed. But scientists found him and made him a cyborg to save his life. He is alive and seeks vengeance against all who betrayed him.


Simon is a former secret agent, who lost most of his body, and family during a mission. He was made into a Cyborg to save his life through use of heat resisting alloy that made him 3% more resistant against bullets. He's alive and seeks vengeance.


Radio Message 1 ( Button C )

  1. On my way!
  2. Not too shabby.
  3. Just do it!
  4. I'll teach you a lesson.
  5. Silence!
  6. Follow me!
  7. I need back up!
  8. Got your back. Lead the way!
  9. Reloading!

Radio Message 2 ( Button X )

  1. What a surprise to see you doing your job.
  2. Good Job.
  3. Get lost!
  4. I'll pull your hair out.
  5. Go ask your mommy how to shoot.
  6. Soldiers! Brace yourselves!
  7. Is that all you got?
  8. This is only a drill.
  9. Do as I say!

Radio Message 3 ( Button Z )

  1. Attack!
  2. Hold position!
  3. On your left!
  4. On your right!
  5. Targets ahead!
  6. Behind you!
  7. Get out of my way!
  8. Taking care of business.
  9. That one is mine.


  1. Come, come on! (Melee)
  2. Ok! Move out! (Rifle, shotgun, sniper, grenade)
  3. You're dead! (MG)
  4. Kneel before me! (Bazooka)


  1. It's show time! (Entered game)
  2. I don't trust anyone. (Entered game)
  3. Get off my way (Entered game)
  4. It's mine! (Captured battery)
  5. I'll teach you a lesson! ( Teammate killed )
  6. My trust has been deterred with betrayal. (Teammate killed )
  7. I'll never forgive someone that betrayed me and killed my family. (Teammate killed )
  8. A strong will conquer them all. (Teammate killed )
  9. Over there! ( Hearing gunfire )
  10. Explosions! (Enemy grenade)
  11. Spotted enemy sniper! (Hit by sniper)
  12. Got your back, lead the way ( Finding a teammate )
  13. I've been waiting for this day (In Lobby)
  14. Your test finally come (In Lobby)
  15. Ha! Ha! (In Lobby)
  16. That one is mine! (Getting Zombie weapons)
  17. I'M BURNING! (Burning)
  18. What is this cold? (Freezing)
  19. Uuuaah! ( MG-warm up)
  20. Spotted enemy position! ( Shooting enemy )
  21. It's a dead end. ( No ammo )
  22. Do you want more?! ( Enemy killed )


  • He's our 4th male character in MicroVolts Surge.(Controversial)
  • He first made his appearance in the Brazil version of MicroVolts.
  • This character was added the 21/02/2014
  • He is purchasable by either MP and RT Hammers or buying him with 6900RT.
  • Simon has the most quotes compared to other  characters.
  • Simon has his own set of weapons, These can only be used by Simon: Simon's weapons
  • When added, Simon had +100 HP and +10% Bullet Armor protection, but it was changed to +30 HP and +3.0% Bullet Armor because people considered him over-powered.
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