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Zombie Host is the only zombie who actually got a name. Voltenstein (or the "host zombie") is a playable character in Zombie Mode. Any character will get randomly spawned as the Zombie Host in the beginning of the round.
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Voltenstein is the mischievous old toy who enjoys haunting (and transforming) the toys. He joined as a character at the same time Zombie-Mode was released.



  1. Waah wahah wahha! Do you think I'm a silly boy?
  2. Wah wah! Are you trying to scare me?


  1. Woaahhahha! Who wants to trip on my stomach? Ha ha ha! (Spawned as Host Zombie)
  2. Here's comes grandpa, muhahah! (Searching for figures)
  3. Uhh, quiet! Won't take long! (Searching for figures)
  4. Argh! (Grenade hit)
  5. Burning, burning, aaaah! (Burning)
  6. Ouhouh! Are you kidding me? C-c-come on! uuuhh! (Freezing)


  • Voltenstein got his name from a winning entry in a contest during open beta.
  • Speaking of his name, Voltenstein is the only zombie with a name.
  • There were rumors circulating that Voltenstein would be a fully playable character according to the Japanese sources. This may happen in the Japanese version.
  • Voltenstein in-game generally has more health and speed than the 'skimish' zombies he infects and makes, therefor being much harder to take down, but is in the same time a much bigger target to hit.
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