Zombie Boy will appear when you're playing the Zombie Mode. The Zombie Boy is a zombie who in fact is C.H.I.P. himself.

File:MicroVolts Official Zombie Mode Trailer

But Knox, Kai and Simon will automatically be transformed into the Zombie Boy which is also with the C.H.I.P's zombie skin.



  1. Roaaarr!
  2. Huehuhe! You want a piece of me?


  1. Urgh! It's mee! (Infected as Zombie)
  2. Hehe, picka boo! (Searching for figures)
  3. Hehh! Here I come! (Searching for figures)
  4. Urgh! (Grenade hit)
  5. Ahh, bright fire! (Burning)
  6. Ohh I'm freezing, uhh uuh! (Freezing)


  • Zombie Boy is C.H.I.P. himself.
  • Been rumors that in the future NQ Games will create more zombies, Kai, Naomi and Knox do not have their own zombie character yet.
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